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August Babies

by Briana & Chelsea Collins on 08/10/11

Happy August everyone and Happy Birthday to my fellow August babies! Personally this month is going to be a great one. For me it is filled with so many happy occasions, especially birthdays and weddings. This is a great month to break out all of your beautiful summer colors. How about a gorgeous watermelon tourmaline with a white linen dress? Nothing says summer to me like the vibrant pinks and greens that are naturally meshed together in a piece of "watermelon" tourmaline.


On the opposite side of the bright colors, we are seeing a lot of ladies coming in for "Summertime pearls". Your summer set of pearls are a little different; they are more metal and less pearl. It is a nice combination of casual meets formal and is completely appropriate for any summer occasion. We recently got in a fabulous new collection by Imperal Pearl. It is all sparkly sterling silver beads with natural fresh water pearls. It glitters like you wouldn't believe and starts at only $175! This line is something you have to see in person to truly appreciate how beautifully done it is. They may just be the perfect self indulgence or birthday gift for your August baby? (Hint Hint...)

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